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despair suffering loneliness isolation

that which bugs us who seek.

A common illness for the self-differentiated.

Those who endure must endure wholeheartedly less they forget the great cause from which their tradition stems. That who live alone are to separate the id and ego from the common man of the time, to reconnect to the superior men of history or to God and Angels (or to their counter parts). Though means of self-revelation (forceful actuation of the well/spring of knowledge within) Those who start on the path must follow it to its completion, or atleast to however far they can walk on within their limited life spans. Thusly, the efficiency of climbing to the end of those who have journeyed in the past must be achieved in post-haste, but this journey is isolating and loss-intensive, a torrent of knowledge must be endured for one to reach their starting point, which degrades the previous self.

One must thus rebuild oneself either meanwhile they undertake the journey or to set points within to stop and reconvene with the local id.